The Learning Environment

At Callidus Preschool,  our classrooms are enclosed - this allow children to learn in a quiet and calm environment which helps them to be more focused andattentive during class activities. 

We provide the following facilities to support children's learning:

1. Learning Centers:

  • Math Center
  • Discovery Center
  • Blocks Center
  • Music Center
  • Arts Center
  • Dramatic Play Center
  • Library Center
  • Fine Motor Center
  • Gross Motor Center

The learning centers provide children the opportunities to explore and discover different areas of learning that aim to develop the six domains of development: Language and literacy, Numeracy, Discovery of the World, Aesthetic and Creative Expressions, Motor Skills Development, Social and Emotional Development.   

2.  Multi-media

We use digital devices, audio and visual media, as supplementary teaching tools to synergize with the hands-on learning activities, and to meet the learning needs of our children in the modern age.

3. Display Boards

Language boards for English and Mother Tongue are set up to create a print-rich environment. Children's works, such as arts, crafts and writing, will be displayed on the boards around the classrooms.

Outdoor Environment

There are various outdoor play venues around our school. 

A playground is located just next to our school.  Children can have fun with their peers while developing their gross motor skills and enjoying the fresh air.

Bishan Active Park is just a stone's throw away. There are sports facilities and playground in the open space amidst natural greenery for children to play and roam free.

Health and Safety

Your child's health and safety is our school's top priority.

Safety gates are installed at stairwells and entrances/ exits in the school to ensure that our children stay safe within the school. Railings are provided to assist children in their mobility and prevent mishaps from happening. 

To mitigate therisk of infection and health problems, our classrooms are installed with UV sterilizers, air purifiers, air conditioners that are equipped with air purifying features to remove PM2.5 particles and airborne bacteria and viruses.