Parents' Testimonials

What do you look for when choosing a preschool for your child?

Mrs Yap (Mother of Carolyn Yap):

We look for a preschool that offers a wholesome curriculum which develops the child physically, cognitively, emotionally and socially in a clean and safe environment.

Mrs Kumar (Mother of Sanrchana):

During my preschool hunt for my child, I had lots of things in mind. 

  1. Way of teaching: Interactive and Encouraging.
  2. Experienced teachers.
  3. Active playing and learning area.
  4. Overall a healthy environment.

Mrs Law (Mother of Law Yi Fei):

The environment must [be] big, pretty, clean and safe enough for the kids.

Mrs Yap and Carolyn Yap

Mrs Kumar and Sanrchana

What impresses you most about Callidus Preschool?

Mrs Yap (Mother of Carolyn Yap): 

The environment and atmosphere at Callidus is a positive one. The school has ample space for children to move around, as well as excellent safety features such as child-proof gates at the top of staircases, handrails along the stairs that are at the right height for the kids and toilet bowls and sinks that are kids’-size.

Beautiful decorations and artwork that is appealing to the children can be found all over the school on walls, ceiling and floor. The school also has an impressive variety of toys and learning stations for the children to learn and play in, one feature which I have not seen in many schools.

The principal and teachers are very warm and friendly. Each morning, they greet the children as they come through the main door with a big smile on their face.

The teachers would also share about the day’s lesson at the end of the day and share anecdotes of each child for the day. This puts me at rest as I am assured of the development and progress of my child with each sharing session.

Although the school is located in the basement (fully air-conditioned), its curriculum includes outdoor activities (i.e. playing at the playground, waterplay, experiments like kite-flying) which exposes the children to the outdoors and nature.

Mrs Kumar (Mother of Sanrchana):

I landed luckily to this place. First thing that impressed me were the teachers, collection of learning toys and books.

I also liked the program of fine motor skills development.

 Mrs Law (Mother of Law Yi Fei):

The school is pretty, colourful & clean, [with a] big space [that] allows children to play and learn. Children feel [like they are at] home rather than school, children feel very relaxed & enjoy [being] in this colourful environment.


What positive changes have you noticed in your child since he/she enrolled in Callidus?

Mrs Yap (Mother of Carolyn Yap):

Carolyn has become more outspoken and sociable and looks forward to going to school every day. She enjoys her lessons at school (from reading & writing, drawing to singing to conducting experiments, doing outdoor activities like waterplay and playing at the playground). She also comes home to share about the happenings each day with the family.

Mrs Kumar (Mother of Sanrchana):

I would say quite a lot of positive changes:

  1. She started sharing her things.
  2. Learning new words every day.
  3. Becoming more independent: doing things on  her own- like taking off shoes. 


Mrs Law (Mother of Law Yi Fei):

Knowing how to wear her own shoes and keep them inside the shoe rack. She likes to read  the story book on her own, although she doesn't know the words inside the storybook. She's very glad and happy to go to school. She's always smiling!

Mr Yeo(Father of Ansel Yeo)

Dear Mrs Ng and teachers of Callidus, thank you all so much for the care and love you've showered on my son during his time there. When we first moved my son there from his previous school, we were a little concerned about his adaptability as he's a very shy boy, especially in new environment. But it was quickly apparent how much more he enjoyed his class time at Callidus! It was a joy hearing him excitedly trying to tell us daily the lessons and activities he did in school with his limited vocabulary. He particularly enjoyed the object and experiential lessons! Even on weekends and school holidays, he was constantly bringing up the teachers and things that he learnt in school.

Unfortunately, we have to make the very difficult decision to move him again due to circumstances, and I say that without exaggeration. Nevertheless, I'm certain you and the teachers have left a long-lasting and positive impact and memories for my son, and we sincerely thank you for it! Please do convey my gratitude to all his teachers too!

Thank you all, and I wish you and Callidus all the best!

- Parent of Ansel Yeo (PN)

Dear Mrs Ng, 

"Thank you Callidus Preschool for the wonderful experience for my daughter Anais Toh. Although the time spent in this school was short, I can see that my daughter enjoyed school a lot. At first, she experienced separation anxiety but the teachers are so helpful to console her and make sure that she calm down and enjoy the classes. The curriculum is great, with hands on experiments and waterplay to enhance the fun of school.

Due to the distance and I have to send Anais for full day childcare, we had no choice but to change school for her. If one day Callidus has full day childcare or any holiday programs, we will be very glad to enroll her again. 

Thank you! "

- Parent of Anais Toh (PN)

"The first thing that surprised us was how nicely decorated the place is!  The environment is appealing, safe and conducive for learning.  It is also spacious enough for children to explore.  We particularly like the experiments, mandarin songs, water play, termly field trips and interesting holiday programmes.  My boy has improved much in his writing and learning words through their phonics programme. He now shows more interest in mandarin, speaking more and shares more readily about what he has learnt in school.  He enjoys going to school and playing with his friends too.  Mrs Ng and her teachers are warm and genuine. I would like to thank them for their effort in nurturing these cute little young ones! "         

- Parent of Trafford Koh Pi En (K1)

"李润龙是在Callidus Preschool 学习了6个月的时间,2018年12月毕业的小朋友,在短短的6个月的时间里,润龙的英文从刚刚可以组词造句的水平突飞猛进,到了毕业的时候,他的英文已经超乎妈妈对他的期望值,非常流利的英文,日常交流完全没有问题,而且出口成章。除了英文,润龙的数学和中文也是同样提高很大。


润龙非常喜欢Callidus Preschool 的老师,同学和校长,他觉得在Callidus Preschool的学习经历是非常特别的,有趣的,快乐的,为他的小一的学习做好了充分的准备。润龙现在已经快乐的溶入了小一的学习环境,我希望接下来,润龙的学习生活也可以像在 Callidus Preschool 一样的充实。


- Parent of Li Runlong (K2)

Mr and Mrs Wong (Parents of Isaac Wong)

"Putting our son, Isaac, in Callidus Preschool is probably the best decision we have ever made.

Just in a short span of time, we have seen how our son grow in his communication skills. He used to be a little shy but has now grown to be a confident little gentleman. He has also shown a strong interest in literacy and numeracy-related activities and we attribute this to the school's engaging activities. He has also grown in his life skills. For example, he will insist on carrying his own water bottle and opening the bottle without our help. He will also want to wear or take off his shoes on his own.

We are mindful that the school consciously teach the students life skills which have been excellent in training the children to be independent. We look forward to see our child bloom as he goes through his preschool education in Callidus Preschool."

- Parent of Isaac Wong (PN)

"I would like to thank Madam Aini, 郑老师, Mrs Ng and the teachers for being patient and caring towards Emmanuel. He has gotten used to going to school since last week and no longer afraid of health check. We feel really relieved and happy that he is now enjoying school, learning and making friends. Thank you!"

- Parent of Sarmiento Emmanuel En Kai (PN)

" She's really happy to go school everyday, I am sad that she has to leave.....She will say in the car on the way to school "I want school, I want school."

- Parent of Amelia Koh (PN)

"We are thankful with your school approach.. very caring and understanding. Thank you and really appreciate it, Mrs Ng.. how we wish Jillian should start in Callidus since Nursery.. but I only learned about this a bit late..We should send her in Callidus at N2.. if I only knew about Callidus."

- Parent of Almon Jillian Panganiban Padrinao (K1)

Mr Kong, (Father of Xander Kong)

"3rd day for my boy. Very impressed with Mrs Ng. Took great care of my child, feedback from my kiddo... "I love it" "

- Parent of Xander Kong (PN)

As any other parents are, we were also concerned while selection of preschool for our kids. Based on the reviews we went for a school visit and found the school environment quite appropriate for a good start for our kids.

The school was very well kept in sense of hygine and cleanliness and the kids were also taught about recycling the waste and practising the same in their day to day routine.

Our first meeting with Principal Ms.Ng helped us to make our decision easy as shemade sure that kids will be in safe hands. To mention she's a great personality with good experience which reflects in her work and the bond that she shares with her fellow teachers and entire callidus team.

The school app always kept us updated even for minutest of issues. The involvement of all the teachers helped our kids to have a strong preschool foundation with special emphasis by the hardworking teachers on phonics. Being from a non Chinese background my kids loved learning this new language and the credit goes to the effort teachers made.

Though we have migrated to another country now but my kids miss the love and care given to them in their school days in Callidus.

We are truly grateful that we made this choice and my kids have beautiful memories of their preschool with this school.

Thanks again:)

Parents of Ansh and Siona 
Dr. Anuj and Shipra

Ms Ng, thank you for everything.

Nadine truly enjoys her days in school and I am sure other children too.
She loves the teachers and friends, and often talks to me about them. I can see how much she has improved during the years in Callidus.

Wish Callidus and everyone are well and all the best in everything.

With Love,
Nadine’s mum.


From the Management and Staff of Callidus Preschool