Modes of Assessment

We believe that authentic, ongoing assessment of children in any early childhood program is the key to planning appropriate early childhood learning experiences and helping all children succeed. Hence we use mainly child observation records and developmental checklists to monitor and assess the children’ learning and developmental progress.

Parent-Teacher Conference (PTC)

PTC is held twice a year, during May and November. During this meeting, teachers will share with parents about the learning and development progress of their child. A developmental checklist of the child will be shown to the parents. Parents may pose any question or concern related to their child. This is also the time for parent and teachers to share information and exchange ideas about supporting the advancement in the children's development.

The communication between parents and teachers, however, is not limited to thePTC only. We strongly encourage parents to communicate with  our teachers regularly. Open-communication is crucial to the building of a strong home-school partnership which helps to enhance the development of the child.