Our Core Values

Our core values are built around the name of our school, CALLIDUS. Callidus means "ingenious, clever or wise" in Latin.


We are committed to the shared responsibility for achieving the best outcomes for children through genuine partnerships with families and community.


We use the best practices in our pedagogy, as guided by the framework of developmentally appropriate practices by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), to ensure all children flourish under our care.

Lifelong Learning:

We advance in our professional and personal development; and to instill the passion for life-long learning in our students.


We commit ourselves to seeking innovative ways to improve pedagogy and enhance our professional practice.


We respect and appreciate diverse cultures, backgrounds, values, and opinions.


Every child is unique and possesses his or her strengths. We recognize and respect the children’s needs to learn and develop at their pace.


Achieving success through individual’s, or collaborative efforts as a team, by holding ourselves to high standards of performance.